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The Berwickshire Episcopal Churches Group (BECG)

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St Mary & All Souls Coldstream , Christ Church Duns and St Ebba's Eyemouth

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ZOOM INSTRUCTIONS Please Click here 

For useful guidelines of 16 May 2020 about securing zoom meetings click here

Update (4 April 2020):

Zoom has tightened up security because a lot of meetings have been getting disruptive gatecrashers.  From now on we need a password, I have tried to turn it off but we don't seem to be allowed to.

You can get straight into the Church Zoom by using this link which has the password coded within it and will let you straight in.  This is the easiest thing to do:


If you join manually by typing in the number then the number has not changes but now there is a password as shown below:

Meeting ID: 327 461 8058
Password: Church

Reflections in Troubled Times: Christ Church Duns

During these unusual and stressful times, it is wonderful how our vestry and congregation are facing the challenges of the cv19 Pandemic. As always, at Christ Church, the vestry and the priest-in-charge, Reverend Chris Jones, have risen to the challenges and extraordinary changes that we are now facing: many of them working despite the stresses of illness and deaths of some of their relatives and friends.

By 17 March the pandemic was emerging in Scotland and by the end of that week Peter Estibeiro had introduced Chris and Janet to ZOOM; by the Sunday 22 March the first BECG ZOOM church service took place and by Sunday 29 March its virtual congregation had risen to thirty-two complete with music. In addition, Chris is holding ZOOM morning prayer and compline each day; Bible Study will become a ZOOM regular feature each Friday from 3 April; and plans are in place for virtual coffee mornings. All Vestry members had embraced ZOOM and held their first Vestry virtual meeting on 23 March; alongside this, the organist Paul Starkey, is  developing on-line music and Youtube resources; the Treasurer, Genny Dixon, is setting up ‘Just Giving’ arrangements via our website; the Worship Group chaired by Andrew Lester had worked up alternative service arrangements; and a network of informal phone chats with all congregation members has been implemented.

In order for any relevant information to be disseminated as widely as possible, the Vestry Secretary is converting the Christ Church website into one that can be useful to the three BECG churches. Helen Page has produced an excellent double-size Newsletter too.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank the College of Bishops, Bishop John and Diocese staff for their many informative guidelines and timely e-mails. These were disseminated to the congregation or Vestry as appropriate via emails, phone calls, the website and Facebook and were instrumental in our planning process and our extraordinary calm adaptation to change. Keep safe!

Diocese Newsletter The Communicant

The new edition of The Communicant is now available on the Diocesan website, click here.  This edition has nteresting snippets about the three churches!

Holy Week services: https://www.scotland.anglican.org/broadcast-sunday-worship/

Christ Church Duns Newsletters: April 2020 

For earlier editions of the Christ Church Duns Newsletter, go to CCD Newsletters

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