Mission and Finance

Christ Church Duns's finances are governed by the Charity Act (Scotland). In common with all other congregations within the Scottish Episcopal Church, it is expected to be financially self-supporting and is totally dependent on raising its own funds; it receives no grants from outside bodies. The annual financial turnover is raised by direct giving from the members, donations and fund-raising activities such as coffee mornings.

Vestry is aware of its financial responsibilities as part of the Church’s Mission. The church does not set out to generate large surpluses or to hold excessive balances but it supports its Rector (previously on a 25-50% basis), provides a ministry of care to the congregation and meets its obligations to the Diocese. It has a target to maintain a separate Budget head for a fabric Fund of £10,000 and, alongside this, the Church Accounts (see appendices) show a modest surplus. The accounts are audited on an annual basis. Income and expenditure graphs are given on The Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) website.

The Finance Group was set up in 1998 and is charged with advising the Treasurer and the Vestry in all matters of finance. It includes the Chair of Vestry, the Bookkeeper and the Treasurer and provides guidance on budgets and financial planning. its members meet on an ad hoc basis, two or three times a year. It reports to Vestry through the Vestry Treasurer. The group have set up a full assessment plan with a five-year predictive model as part of a review of income and expenditure. Forward plans and budgets drawn up by this group and presented to vestry indicate there is potential to increase giving to meet normal increases in Church expenditure.

There is commitment to Church finances among regular members, and the pattern of giving is strong via regular bank transfers, single donations, bequests and envelope and cash collections. The Christ Church Mission Fund was started about 1992. In addition, Gift Months and other fund-raising events are organised. It also benefits from the HMRC Gift-Aid scheme for churches and charities. Supporting Mission is an important function of our Church and there is a need for more Church members to commit to these various schemes.

Pledged Giving

Many members of our Congregation give through pledged giving monthly through their bank. If you would like to do this please fill in the form and take or send it to your bank.

Standing order form


All three churches pay a quota each year to the Diocese of Edinburgh for the wider work of the Diocese of Edinburgh and the Scottish Episcopal Church. The Quota Assessments for 2018 are St Ebba £1007 (2017: £996); Duns £3089 (2017: £3087) and Coldstream £1996 (2017: £1987). Comparative figures are available on https://edinburgh.anglican.org/resources-diocesan-office-finance/ and indicate that the income for the three churches on which the quotas for 2018 (above) are assessed are as follows:


2014 Income


2015 Income


2016 Income














The Diocese has been given a financial projection for the appointment that has been approved. Further financial information for each xhurch is available on request.

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